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Horns Rev 3 Inspections Locate Buried LMB Ground Mine

Working with Vattenfall from the desk based study stages, Ordtek were able to develop a risk mitigation strategy using the historic research undertaken for the Horns Rev 3 Offshore Wind Farm site to enable to safe management of the UXO risk for the project.

“We already knew the minefield existed because it was recorded on nautical charts but in order to obtain more precise information we found the mine [field] coordinates in German logs from 1944. Using old German nautical charts converted into modern-day GPS coordinates” Arne Rød Lauridsen, Senior Geophysicist, Vattenfall.

Although the presence of LMB aluminium ground mines was well known in the Horns Rev area, finding the buried UXO with its low ferrous content however presented a significant challenge requiring specialist tools, outside of the usual UXO detection survey array.

After assessing the geophysical data Ordtek handed over its list of potential UXO targets to Vattenfall for inspection, the results of which identified 3 items of UXO, 1 German LMB ground mine and 2 British/Danish sea mines.

The LMB find on Horns Rev 3 brings Ordtek’s total to 4 found on 4 separate offshore wind farms, and the second find of 2016 with a LMB also identified on a UK offshore wind Farm.

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