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TenneT Selects Ordtek as UXO Consultant for Merkur Project

German transmission system operator TenneT has awarded UK company Ordtek Limited with a contract to provide consultancy and QA/QC services during unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey, identification and d…Read More »

Wartime bombs and mines fail to stop cross-Channel power cable

The £625m Nemo Link project to connect the energy systems of the UK and Belgium has unearthed more than a dozen bombs and mines dating back a century to when the continent was racked by war.…Read More »

Expanding Mine Map Helps Spot Danger at Danish Wind Farm Site

Three wartime mines were found on a Danish offshore wind farm site thanks to help from a UK-based expert company using its pioneering Mine Map. The potentially dangerous relics were found using data…Read More »

Horns Rev 3 Offshore Wind Farm

Working with Vattenfall, Ordtek identifed a buried LMB ground mine on the Horns Rev 3 Offshore Wind Farm as part of their UXO risk management work on the project.

The video shows dredging of a target during the inspection campaign identifying it as a German LMB mine.

Watch the disposal by the Danish Defence Command here...

Full news article from Vattenfall here...

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